Vail Transportation Solutions

Need transport for a group event? Good news: The quality vehicle fleet that Timberline Tours uses for its Vail rafting adventures is also available to serve as your Vail transportation solution. If you need transport for a special event in the Vail area such as a wedding, anniversary, birthday party or any other group gathering, give us a call in advance to arrange your ride.

Our professional drivers have experience operating a variety of vehicles that make getting from Point A to Point B a reliable and stress-free process for you and your group. Here are a few examples of vehicles in the Timberline Tours transportation fleet:

Timberline Tours Transportation: We Move People

The type of vehicle we call a people mover is a modern, comfy vehicle that’s sort of like a hybrid between a van and a mini-bus. People movers can accommodate small- to medium-sized groups with ample legroom and a central aisle that makes for smooth entry and exit. With such features, people movers will, quite literally, provide a moving experience for any group.

Vail Transportation

Traditional vans with bench seats also play a big role in Timberline’s vehicle fleet. Vans work well for small-sized groups, and while they provide less personal space than their cushy people-mover cousins, they, too, ensure a safe and comfortable ride.

Get Schooled in a Bus

For medium- and large-sized groups, a Timberline Tours bus often provides the best solution for efficient transport. With generously sized seats, high ceilings, and a central aisle, a bus allows each person enough space to sit comfortably and move about with ease while entering and exiting the vehicle. Plus, riding in a bus will likely bring back memories of school-day adventures gone by.


One-of-a-kind Shuttles

During the summer season, our raft guides use a variety of different shuttle vehicles to place other group transport vehicles at river take-outs so that they’re ready for guests when they arrive at the end of exciting Vail rafting trips. While these vehicles aren’t typically what guests would ride in while on a rafting trip with Timberline Tours, they have a lot of character, just like our engaging guides who drive them, so we thought we’d at least mention our array of quirky shuttle vehicles, too.



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