Duckie Float Trips

If you’re looking for a Vail area whitewater adventure that involves doing something a bit different from the usual raft trip, try a Timberline Tours duckie float trip on the Upper Colorado River. A duckie is an open inflatable kayak, and you can either paddle your own single-person duckie or share a two-person duckie with a friend. Duckie float trips are great fun for the whole family, and the Upper Colorado River provides the perfect location for learning how to paddle in a place that will awe you with its stunning natural beauty. duckie float trips

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Class II (Scenic, splashy float)


$115 adults, $95 kids 12 and under
+ 12% land use fee

Approximate Trip Time:

4 hours door to door


Mid-May to September

Put In:

Lyons Gulch or Rancho del Rio, depending on water levels

Take Out:

Locations vary with put-in

Minimum Age and Weight:

The minimum age for this trip is 6 years old and at least 50 pounds for sharing a double duckie with an adult. The minimum age to paddle in single person duckie is 12 years old.


Snacks and refreshments.
Required rafting gear included.