Suggested River Rafting Gear List

Timberline Tours Provides FREE OF CHARGE:

* Wetsuits, when necessary
* Splash Jackets
* Helmets
* Paddles
* Life Jackets (e.g. personal floatation device, or PFD)

River Rafting Gear List:

Please bring the following:

* FOOTWEAR: Bring shoes that stay securely on your feet and that you don’t mind getting wet. Sport sandals (that strap on), tennis shoes, or water shoes all work very well. FLIP FLOPS ARE NOT RECOMMENDED! We provide river booties free of charge for all guests doing Duckie, Standup Paddle Board and Class IV or Class V trips. Bootie rental is $3 for all other trips. Timberline Tours sells affordable water shoes in our retail store in Eagle and at the Granite boathouse.
* SWIMSUIT to wear under wetsuit or to wear with personal nylon shorts or pants
* SUNGLASSES with securable strap (straps sold at our Granite & Eagle locations)
* EXTRA CLOTHING LAYERS such as lightweight fleece or polypropylene (synthetic layer) or quick-dry clothing. Most of the summer, it is too hot to wear a wetsuit on our Class III stretches, so please bring swimsuits and quick drying shorts (nylon) for the river. Please be advised that wetsuits are mandatory on our Class IV and CLASS V stretches, but extra clothing is still advisable. We highly recommend NOT wearing cotton on the river, as it stays wet and could make you cold.

Jeep Tour Gear List:

Please bring the following:

* CLOTHING LAYERS: Layer clothing to remain comfortable in varying temperatures. Darker colored clothes are preferred.
* ACCESSORIES: sunscreen, sunglass straps, sneakers or sturdy footwear, HAT.
* CAMERA: Don’t miss out on capturing the beautiful scenery!