Rafting Safety

Rafting safety begins even before you set out on the river, and you can be assured that your safety is the top priority for Timberline Tours. From offering pre-trip consultation and advice to getting everyone safely outfitted with rafting gear, Timberline Tours’ office staff and guides know that safety is an essential part of any memorable trip. Timberline’s experienced whitewater rafting guides also go through ongoing training to keep their skills sharp.

Pre-trip safety planning:
The Timberline Tours office staff offers information about rafting trips and river class ratings for each trip. Some rafting trips might require only light paddling, while others will require long stretches of intense, athletic paddling. Be realistic about your physical abilities and comfort level with various risk factors present on any rafting trip. When planning, consider how fitness and comfort level apply to each person in your group, and then choose a trip that’s within the physical limits of each person.

Safety on the day of your trip:
Before going on any Timberline Tours Vail rafting trip, your guide will assure that you’re outfitted with essential safety gear before giving an important safety talk. The safety talk is an interactive session that covers rafting safety and common paddling commands in addition to rafting paddling tips and advice. Be engaged during the safety talk, and ask questions for clarification. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you do not feel comfortable with the level of risk you are assuming.

River safety:
Once out on the river, stay alert, and listen carefully to your guide’s safety instructions. When your guide gives paddling or safety commands, act quickly in response. While the pre-trip safety talk and the guide’s instructions are important to rafting safety, some of these topics can also be reviewed in advance. Timberline Tours focuses on Vail rafting safety topics because we want all of our guests to have the best—and safest—Vail rafting experience possible. Take some time to explore our rafting safety video collection and other articles on rafting safety to help us make your day as safe and as enjoyable as possible.

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