Shoshone Whitewater Trip

Whitewater rafting the Colorado River’s Shoshone stretch is perfect for visitors to the Vail area and for Vail locals alike. This trip will take you through the gorgeous Glenwood Canyon, where rock walls tower above the river and hot springs abound in the lower section. Along with amazing views, Shoshone offers a mile of Class III rapids, followed by an incredibly scenic float. This stretch of river is a great introduction to whitewater rafting, and it’s fun for all ages. While floating Shoshone’s mild sections, you’ll encounter numerous spots to take a swim on hot days or start a water fight with other boats. When this rafting trip is over, you’ll enjoy snacks served at the Timberline Tours private take-out. See trip options for variations on the classic Shoshone trip.

What to expect on a Shoshone Whitewater Trip

Our drivers will pick you up or you can drive yourself to our Eagle boathouse. Upon arrival, you’ll meet your raft guides who will help you get suited up in our top-of-the-line river gear including wetsuits, helmets, splash jackets, life jackets and neoprene footwear. You’ll take your dry clothes with you for a 25- minute ride to the put-in. To keep you entertained on the ride, your guides will discuss everything you need to know about river safety.

Within minutes of launching on Shoshone, you’ll be paddling in splashy Class III rapids. After a mile of rapids, the tempo changes and you can kick back and enjoy a scenic float through Glenwood Canyon. Your dry clothes and a snack will be waiting for you at the take out. Photos of your group paddling the rapids will be available to view and purchase. After the snack we’ll drive you back to the boathouse or your lodging.

Telephone: 970.476.1414



Class III (Intermediate intensity; see trip options for variations)


  • AM trip: $135 adults, $125 kids (7-12), $105 child (6 & under); snacks
  • PM & Double Thriller: $115 adults, $105 kids (7-12); refreshments

+ 12% land use fee

Approximate Pick-Up and Drop-Off Time:

AM: 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (6½ hours)

Double Thriller (*Sunday through Friday): 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. (4½ hours)

PM (*Saturdays Only): 1:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. (5½ hours)


July through September

Put In:


Take Out:

Private Timberline Tours takeout in West Glenwood Springs

Minimum age and weight:

The minimum age for the regular Shoshone trip and the Shoshone Double Thriller is 6-8 years old and at least 50 pounds. The Shoshone Skip the Rapids trip on the AM Shoshone trip is appropriate for children under the age of 6-8 years old, but the weight minimum for this trip is 30 pounds.
Note: These age and weight minimums can vary depending on water level. Please call our offices to discuss age requirements closer to your trip date.


Snacks served at the Timberline Tours private takeout following the morning trip.
Refreshments served following the afternoon trip.
Required rafting gear included.

Shoshone Trip Options:

  • Double Thriller

    For those looking for a bit more intensity on the Shoshone Rapids, we offer the Double Thriller, which is an afternoon-only trip offered Sunday through Friday. Run the one-mile stretch of Class III rapids two times! Our guides make sure this trip is filled with excitement by running the rapids differently each time, so you can try going through backwards or even spinning in a circle.

  • PM Shoshone (*Saturdays Only)

    Offered in place of the Double Thriller on Saturdays, we operate our traditional Shoshone trip in the afternoon. Within minutes of launching on Shoshone, you’ll be paddling in splashy Class III rapids. After a mile of rapids, the tempo changes and you can kick back and enjoy a scenic float through Glenwood Canyon. Arrive at the takeout to your dry clothes and refreshments while we pack up the trip and prepare for the drive home.

  • Skip the Rapids

    The Shoshone run is rated Class II if rafters join the trip at Grizzly Creek, one mile below the regular starting point at the Shoshone power plant. This option allows rafters to skip the Class III rapids but still join in on the scenic float section of the trip.

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