Pine Creek and The Numbers

Pine Creek and The Numbers combines two intense and exciting sections of the Arkansas River for an unforgettable whitewater rafting experience close to the Vail, Colorado. On this trip, you’ll raft through two Class IV (Advanced, high-intensity) stretches of whitewater, in addition to the Class IV+/V- (Expert) Pine Creek Rapid in the Pine Creek section. Following the Pine Creek section, a variety of Class III and Class IV rapids keep the activity level ranging from moderate to intense throughout The Numbers section of this trip.

Rafters of the Pine Creek and The Numbers sections must be strong swimmers and be in excellent physical condition; previous rafting experience highly recommended. Colorado’s high peaks will delight rafters with scenic views along the way, and Swiss Cheese Rock offers a surprise highlight at the end of an intense and exhilarating trip.

Minimum age and weight:

15 years old and at least 90 pounds

Note: Age and weight minimums can vary depending on water level. Please call us to discuss closer to your trip date.







Class IV and V- (Advanced/Expert,
high intensity)


$174 adult (15+)
+ 12% land use fee

Approximate Meet and Drop-Off Time:

This trip requires guests to drive to our boathouse in Granite.

See this map for directions. Plan for a 1.5-hour drive from Vail.

Boathouse meet time:

Boathouse return:
1:00–1:30p for lunch

These times include driving, check-in, gear-up, and training. Time on the river may vary.


Mid- to late-June through mid-August


Lunch at the Granite boathouse.
Paddling & safety training.
Required river gear.

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