Dowd Chute Upper Eagle

The Eagle River near Vail offers some of the most intense and exciting early-season whitewater rafting in Colorado. The water levels in Dowd Chute are not dam controlled and fluctuate according to weather conditions and spring runoff levels. For this reason, we run the stretch of river each day that offers the best trip appropriate for that day’s water conditions. Dowd Chute is a physically demanding whitewater rafting trip, and all participants must be in excellent health and be strong swimmers; previous whitewater rafting experience recommended. The Gore Creek portion of the trip, when run as seasonally appropriate, starts at Ford Park and runs through the heart of Vail Village. Gore Creek converges with the Eagle River at Dowd Chute, which then runs into the Upper Eagle River.

Telephone: 970.476.1414

Reservations: To book Class IV and above, please call our office at 970-476-1414



Class IV (Advanced, high intensity)


$145 adults + 12% land use fee

Approximate Door-to-Door Time:

AM: 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

PM: 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

***Please be aware these time windows include driving to/from, check-in, gear-up, and safety talks.



May through early July, depending on water conditions

Put In:

Minturn (Dowd Chute) or River Run (Upper Eagle), depending on water conditions

Take Out:

Avon or Edwards, depending on water conditions

Minimum age and weight:

The minimum age for this trip is 15 years old and at least 90 pounds.
Note: These age and weight minimums can vary depending on water level. Please call our offices to discuss age requirements closer to your trip date.


Required rafting gear included.

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