Meg Dean

HOMETOWN: Darnestown, Maryland
FAVORITE RIVER: Whichever one her friends are paddling with her

BIO: Meg Dean has been guiding with Timberline Tours since 2018, but she started her guiding career on the mighty Potomac River near her hometown of Darnestown, Maryland. During the summers, Meg can be found paddling the Arkansas River solo in her mini raft or kicking back at the Granite boathouse with a cold beer and a whiskey chaser. In the winters, Meg spends her time trying on different careers from hospitality to teaching to mountain ops to private jet parking and everything in between to pass the time. Fun facts about Meg: She grew up in Germany and speaks fluent German; her sourdough starter is named David Doughie; and she has a polydactyl cat named Gigi.

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