Scenic Vail Dining: Beano’s Cabin with Timberline Tours Transport

Timberline Tours loves the adventure of dining at Beano’s Cabin, and with our private group transportation services to and from Vail-area accommodations, we’d love to get you on your way to this scenic dining destination. Beano’s Cabin is the largest of Beaver Creek’s on-mountain dining cabins, and a big part of the adventure involves taking a snowcat sleigh ride to arrive there in the winter season. While Timberline Tours doesn’t operate the snowcat, we transport private groups to the Beano’s pick-up and drop-off location in Beaver Creek.

Read on to find out more about the adventure of dining at Beano’s Cabin:

Beano’s Cabin: An Adventurous Dining Destination

First, check in for your dinner reservation at the Beano’s Cabin meeting location in Beaver Creek village, and get ready for the adventure to begin. Next, you’ll step into an open-air sleigh that’s pulled by a snowcat tractor. Be sure to wear warm clothes for the ride, and cozy up to your neighbors while you take in deep breaths of cool Colorado air as the sleigh fills with guests. Once the journey is underway, you’ll delight in the sensation of moving through a snow-filled mountain landscape full of aspen groves and pine trees.

Vail DiningPhoto courtesy of Vail Resorts | photographer: Kimberly Gavin

Beano’s Cabin emerges from snow-covered slopes as a glowing and grandiose mountain lodge, decked out with antler chandeliers that hang from soaring ceilings. Settle in at your seat, and choose from a menu that features the best of Rocky Mountain fare—and beyond. Then sit back and enjoy your meal while peering out gigantic windows that show off Beano’s mid-mountain surroundings.

Photo courtesy of Vail Resorts | photographer: Austin Day

Beyond being located in this incredibly scenic spot, Beano’s Cabin is steeped in local history. It’s named after Polish immigrant Frank Bienkowski, known as “Beano,” who settled in the meadow near today’s Beano’s Cabin and grew lettuce that he sold in the town of Avon.

Once you’ve finished your meal, the snowcat will carry you back downhill to Beaver Creek village. On the return ride, you might get lucky enough to revel in the beauty of a star-filled sky. And you can be assured of a safe ride home from Beaver Creek village, where Timberline Tours will meet you for return transport.

Photo courtesy of Vail Resorts | photographer: Jack Affleck

Sounds like your kind of dining adventure?
Get a group together for a trip to Beano’s Cabin, and call Lulu Garton at Timberline Tours to arrange private group transport to and from accommodations in the Vail Valley: (970) 376-1135. Reservations are required for Beano’s Cabin dining; call to reserve your table: (970) 754-3463.

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