Operation Altitude Testimonial

June 7, 2010

Lisa Reeder
Timberline Tours
1462 Chambers
Eagle, CO 81630

Dear Lisa:

A big thank you for a MOST memorable raft trip on Saturday. Had I known that we would be rafting record water levels that cancelled the Teva competitions the next day, I don’t think that I would have gone. But in retrospect, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

All of your equipment is brand new, and was spotlessly clean. Billy’s safety talk was appropriately serious, but not alarming. Our guide, Anton, was a super star. I never once felt that my life was in jeopardy with him at the helm. And Hercules in the kayak was our hero. He did class V waters through Dowd solo, so we knew that we had an experienced, strong and skillful rescue kayaker to watch our backs.

The other guide kept us entertained as we heard him instructing his crew, “Do something. OK, do something else!” And the bus driver was at every bridge and turn of the way to keep watch over us, and to provide assistance if needed.

The most impressive thing about your crew, is that they work so well as a team and care about each other. When we asked Anton why he continues to come back to Vail every year after 13 years he replied, “There is the best rafting in this area and all of the crew comes back because we genuinely like and trust each other. You see guides with other rafting companies that should not be in that position. Everyone here is experienced, it’s not like that everywhere.”

I would recommend Timberline to anyone going rafting, and for all of our corporate groups. Your staff makes it fun, but most importantly, supremely safe.

Thank you again, and kudos to the Timberline team. They set the bar for excellence on the water, and in this case, on the RAGING river.


Melissa Layton