Guided Jeep Tours: Top Reasons To Use A Guide

Colorado jeep tours are a great way to explore the amazing mountain landscapes, wildlife, and wildflowers that Colorado has to offer. Guided jeep tours can also put you in touch with local history, and they’re full of fun and adventure, too.

Here at Timberline Tours, guided Vail jeep tours are our area of expertise, and we offer a variety of jeep tour adventure levels that range from mild jeep tours—such as our Piney River Ranch jeep tours—to hold-on-tight tours, like our McAllister Gulch jeep tour. The Vail Pass area is a popular destination for jeeping near Denver, and we know that some Vail jeep tours can be done as self-guided or self-driven adventures, as many of our area’s trails are forest service roads that are open to the public.

Colorado Jeep Tours

But if you own a jeep, or if you’re an experienced jeep driver, perhaps you’re considering whether or not to take a guided or an unguided jeep tour. If you’re weighing the pros and cons, read on for an overview of our top reasons to take a guided Colorado jeep tour.

Top Reasons to Take a Guided Colorado Jeep Tour


When a professional jeep tour guide from Timberine Tours is navigating the trail, you can be assured that safety is the top priority. Timberline jeep tour guides monitor trail conditions and trail reports, and they are expert drivers. Years of experience also add to the safety measures that Timberline jeep tour guides enact when out in the backcountry, so whether you’re encountering a rough section or trail or doing some Colorado moose viewing, you can be assured that guides will share the tips and advice you need to stay safe on a jeep tour from start to finish.


Let’s face it: Colorado jeep tours are an amazing adventure, and they’re one of the most fun things that you can do outdoors during the summer season. On guided jeep tours, you can sit back and enjoy the experience without having to worry about where you’re going. Guides monitor trail conditions and take care of navigating; they’re also watching out for your safety and taking care of equipment along the way so that you can simply look out and take in Colorado’s stunning mountain scenery. Fall jeep tours are especially popular in the Vail area for viewing fall color, and jeep tours are also a good way to explore top Colorado wildlife all summer long.


On a guided jeep tour, expert guides with depth of local knowledge are behind the wheel. Some of Timberline’s guides have worked as rangers in the areas where they now guide jeep tours, and others spend their days off exploring the Vail’s jeeping and hiking trails, mountain biking, or backcountry skiing in the winter. This deep local knowledge puts guides at ease, and guests can ask questions along the way to discover more for an educational experience. Plus, with many sites of historic interspersed among Vail jeep tours, such as those along our tour of the historic Camp Hale jeep trails, history buffs will be more than entertained.

Guided Jeep Tours Colorado


Taking a guided jeep tour ensures that the proper gear and equipment is on hand if and when it is needed. Some of the Vail jeep tours that Timberline Tours offers, including our McAllister Gulch jeep tours, require a modified suspension and oversized tires. So if you don’t have the proper gear or equipment yourself, trails like McAllister Gulch are perfectly suited for guided jeep tours. Gear, equipment, and vehicles also need to be maintained property so that they’re ready for the trail. On a guided jeep tour, you can relax with the assurance that gear and vehicles are in working order for a safe and enjoyable experience on the trail.


On guided jeep tours, guests can enjoy the adventure with the assurance that guides are acting in an environmentally responsible manner and obeying all rules of trail access. Many Vail jeep trails have mandatory seasonal closures to protect habitat, calving, and migration of wildlife including mule deer and elk. Some trails are also closed in the spring season to protect them from getting rutted out when it’s likely to be muddy. Timberline Tours guides practice techniques for responsible recreation to help ensure that jeep trails remain available and in good condition for future use, including these “Quick Tips for Responsible Four Wheeling” from

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