Get Rich on a Fulford Jeep Tour

Colorado Jeep Tour – Fulford, CO

Ever wanted to explore a true Colorado ghost town? Tucked into the shadow of New York Mountain and close to the Vail Valley, Fulford, Colorado is the place to go this summer. In the late-1800s, this mining town reached its heyday, with a population of several hundred miners, optimists, and pioneers. Along with them came Fulford’s first buildings: cabins, a hotel, boarding houses, stores, and–of course–a saloon. But as of the 2010 Colorado Census, only 2 people were counted among Fulford’s current inhabitants. What happened?

Fulford Colorado Jeep Tour

With Timberline Tours, you can take an exciting Jeep tour right into the heart of Fulford, Colorado, where you’ll find the remains of this once-booming mining town and discover its captivating history along the way. During the winter season, the old stagecoach road that leads into Fulford is covered with snow, but in the summertime, a Jeep trip is the best way to explore the legendary appeal of this place.

Fulford is a classic example of a town that boomed and busted along with Colorado’s mining industry. People originally came to Fulford in search of gold, but the 1893 mining season proved to be the height of the rush. Historic newspaper accounts claimed that rich gold ore had been found in the lime on West Lake Creek, but when optimistic pioneers turned up to mine it, they didn’t find what they were hoping for. By the time the winter snows blanketed the town that year, miners were hightailing it out of town.

Fulford Colorado Jeep Trip

The Fulford, Colorado Jeep Tour is our favorite early season trip, and the road usually becomes Jeep accessible by June. Today, several of Fulford’s cabins are inhabited in the summer season by people who value the place for its solitude, majestic mountain scenery, and back-in-time appeal. While you might not strike gold on the Timberline Tours guided Jeep tour to Fulford, you’ll find riches in this town’s unique history and timeless beauty.

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