Clear Creek

Clear Creek

While whitewater rafting the steep gradient of Clear Creek, you’ll discover non-stop action in a stunning location that’s halfway between Vail and Denver. This athletic, high-intensity whitewater rafting trip is sure to get your adrenaline flowing. Clear Creek is an early-season favorite for Vail locals and for Vail visitors, alike. In addition to the Class IV (Advanced, high intensity) trip, a Class III (Intermediate, moderate intensity) section of this river is also available.




Class IV (Advanced, high intensity)




June through mid-July

Approximate Trip Time:

4 hours

Put In:

Lawson, CO

Take Out:


Minimum age and weight:

The minimum age for this trip is 16 years old and at least 100 pounds.
Note: These age and weight minimums can vary depending on water level. Please call our offices to discuss age requirements closer to your trip date.


Lunch served riverside.
Required rafting gear.