Gore Canyon Guidelines & Questionnaire

Gore Canyon is the Ultimate Class 4+ to 5- river rafting section in the state of Colorado. We at Timberline Tours are excited to share this thrilling adventure with you. Timberline Tours was the first company to start running this stretch of the Colorado River commercially in the early 1990’s. Many of these pioneering guides are still employed by Timberline today and provide unrivaled experience in Rafting Gore Canyon.

Once you’ve entered the canyon there are five miles of intense whitewater rapids, several rapids with technical drops, one 12 foot waterfall and several challenging maneuvers. There are two Class V rapids that may or may not be run based on guides’ discretion and water level. Extensive paddling skills and river safety will be taught during the trip. When Rafting Gore Canyon, participants should have no medical conditions which may inhibit or be affected by participation in physical activity. Portaging and scouting over steep and uneven terrain may be required.

River trips of this nature require you to be agile and physically able to move and paddle aggressively. While you need not be an athlete to participate, good endurance and physical condition are naturally required. Gore Canyon rafters typically jog, play tennis, ski, swim, do aerobics, bicycle, backpack, etc. on a regular basis in order to maintain their good physical condition. In other words, exercise is a regular part of their overall lifestyle.

Safety is our first concern at Timberline Tours, and it should be yours too. Therefore, we have developed some guidelines and a questionnaire for you to consider when determining whether this trip is the right trip for you.


gorecanyon-map_revised-437x580General guidelines to the physical and mental fitness required for participation in Class 4+ to 5- Gore Canyon rafting trip:

-Can you do one pull up, 10 push ups, 10 sit ups?
-Can you run a mile?
-Can you swim 10 laps?
-Is exercise a regular part of your lifestyle?
-Do you have experience in Class III-IV rafting or similar action     sport?
-Do you have good ability to follow instructions?
-Are you considerably overweight (20+ lbs.)?
-Max 250 lbs due to limits of Life Vests.
Questions to ask before booking a Gore Canyon Trip:

I’m not sure if Gore Canyon is for me – what are the most important factors to consider?
We suggest you think about three things…

1. Do you want to go or is someone in your group pushing you to be a part of this trip?
2. Are you personally reasonably physically fit?
3. Can you follow instructions, be an active part of a team?
These are the crews we want to take on Gore Canyon trips.

FAQ’s about Gore Canyon:

Why are Gore Canyon trips more expensive?

Gore Canyon trips are very resource intensive, requiring our most experienced guides and a safety kayaker. The guest/guide ratio is 4 or 5 to 1. Wetsuit, paddle jacket, helmet, river shoes (if you don’t have your own), snack and lunch are included.

How much experience does Timberline Tours have on Gore Canyon?

Timberline Tours pioneered this stretch of river in the early 1990’s. Many of the guides that work for us today have done over 250 plus commercial trips on this river. Our Gore Canyon guides also include several members of the 8 time US NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP RAFTING TEAM. These guys are the best. Timberline Tours has been in business since 1971 providing five star raft and jeep trips for their customers. There is no substitute for experience.

As you contemplate a Gore Canyon trip with Timberline it is imperative that you realize that this is NOT an amusement park ride. It is a challenging and demanding adventure that requires full passenger participation. The three things you will need to bring with you on Gore Canyon are a sense of adventure, a willingness to participate, and a comfort level for physically and mentally challenging outdoor experiences!